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Turn hot glass into cool stuff!
3333 Lake Shore Rd.
Buffalo, NY 14219
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Holly Cooper
"Design, Detail, and Rare Chemistry"

October 12-14, 2019
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This is an intermediate class focusing on stringer control and design.

One Day 1 we will concentrate on using stringers to create intricate detailed patterns on glass beads while in the flame. We'll also discuss methods that aid in promoting individuality in our work by taking technique and design beyond our usual boundaries and towards a more personal style.

During part of the session Holly will be showing how she manipulates fine stringers using simple tools and techniques as well as discuss the properties of glass as it relates to the making of stringers that hold a highly detailed pattern.

She will also demonstrate and discuss surface design elements such as:
rhythmic pattern, negative and positive space, color, scale and proportion, texture, bead shape and its relationship to the design and modular pattern development. She uses modular development in many of her beads as a means of creating a complex design within a simple framework. She will demonstrate step-by-step how she achieves this in her beads.

Special Materials: Silver leaf, Silver Foil and Silver Glass

On Day 2 Holly will share her unique surface techniques involving different 
forms of silver and applied stringer.These forms include silver leaf, foil and Double Helix silver glass.

As we explore these techniques we will see how silver and hot glass
transform one another in multiple ways. This class is designed to open
up new ways of using these special materials to add patina and depth
to the surface of glass beads. In this class you will be able to see inside
Holly's creative process as she explains her method of exploration of
these various forms of silver.

Special Materials: Copper Leaf, and Copper Powder  

On Day 3 we will explore the use of various forms of copper as a surface design element with powdered enamel as a base. Using glass stringers, copper leaf and powders we will create patterned surfaces rich in depth and layered interest. These combined techniques will utilize the interplay of various materials to enrich the surface of your work.