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Turn hot glass into cool stuff!
3333 Lake Shore Rd.
Buffalo, NY 14219
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Purchasing Studio Time and Rods
Renters generally purchase open torch time and glass rods in advance. 

I will add your purchases to your time sheet along with any remaining hours or monies you may have in your account. 

At the end of each session, you will let me know how much time you spent at the torch and how much I should deduct from your rod account. I will maintain time sheets. Just ask me if you'd like to review yours.

Click one of the buttons below to purchase torch time.

Following your purchase, continue with Step 2 to purchase rods or scroll to Step 3 to notify me of your purchase(s)
Discount Package:
11 hours 
of torch time 
at $150
torch time 
at $15/hour
Click below to purchase discount rod package
Discount rod package:
$20 worth of rods for $18.40, plus tax
When taken to PayPal, remember to change the quantity to reflect how many hours you are purchasing

NOTE: Actual charge will be $20.01

Today's purchase: check as many as apply. Then click submit below.

Please call or text me at 716-481-5664 or 
e-mail me at [email protected] to schedule your next time slot. 

I'm looking forward to seeing you soon!
11-hr Disc. Rental Pkg
Individual hours
Discount rod package