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Turn hot glass into cool stuff!
3333 Lake Shore Rd.
Buffalo, NY 14219
Beads made for Beads of Courage
Glass art studio
Expressive Glass art studio
Loren Stump guest instructor
Bronwen Heilman guest instructor
Installing Our Sign
It was an exciting day when our new sign was installed. Our dreams of opening a safe and welcoming glass studio were coming true. Unfortunately, when you approach the studio from the south, the sign is largely obscured by The yellow "Power House Auto" sign.
First Beadmaking Class
Paper Dolls, Anyone?
Our photo gallery celebrates events and memories we will long treasure. We invite you to join our growing glass community and become part of our future memories.
Our first "Introduction to Glass Beadmaking" class in 2009 was lots of fun. Everyone learned how to melt glass and wrap it around steel mandrels to create their own colorful beads. Just as important, they had new stories to tell their friends.
Vicki tested her table design by cutting out a 24' long piece of paper and laying it out on the floor. She kept tweaking her design until she could give everyone as much space as possible. See more pictures of our safe and welcoming studio. 
That's Some Flame!
Soon after we opened, we were honored that the amazing Loren Stump accepted our invitation to be our first guest instructor. What an intensive and informative class! We worked most nights until at least 1:00 am - but that's Loren! 
Beads of Courage Event
Behind the Masks
In 2011 we hosted our first beadmaking event for Beads of Courage, a heartwarming charity that helps children coping with serious illness record, tell, and own their story of courage.
In 2011, the talented Bronwen Heilman taught a full class of intermediate lampworkers her techniques for "Wet Enamel Reversed Painting" on beads. What a cool process! (Masks were worn while mixing enamels.)
Enter the magical world of lampworking and "turn hot glass into cool stuff!"
Small group classes in glass beadmaking
Skills building in glass beadmaking
Glass art by Vicki
Glass classes for age 10 thru adult
Flow Magazine
For the second time, Vicki's sculptured dogs were featured in Flow Magazine's Annual Gallery of Women in Glass. 
Skills Building
To the Next Generation
Kathy and Kimberly were deep in concentration as they developed their skills in our first "Next Steps in Beadmaking" class.
Shelby (10 years old) took our "Mini Class in Glass Beadmaking" and made her own pendant at the torch. She did a great job and her pendant was just beautiful!
Emilio Santini guest instructor
Emilio Santini in Action
Emilio Santini was in such demand we wound up offering three sections of class, "Venetian Lampworking with Soft Glass." Watching and learning from the master was such a joy.
Featured on WGRZ
Mary Alice Demler interviewed Vicki on WGRZ (Buffalo) and featured Expressive Glass as a "unique place in Western New York."