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Turn hot glass into cool stuff!
3333 Lake Shore Rd.
Buffalo, NY 14219
Vicki's sculptures may appear fragile, but they have considerable strength from the way they are designed and created. She has also developed a reliable packing process and has safely shipped pieces all over the world.  In the unlikely event a piece is damaged during transit, Vicki will repair or replace it at her expense.

Packing, Shipping, and Unpacking

Partially packed flower in its protective cocoon
Packing Process

Each individual stem/component has a glass peg at its bottom that allows the part to be easily removed from its base. If there is more than one peg, it's numbered to help the customer follow the installation map referenced below.

Prior to packing, each individual flower/component is lifted from its base and packed in a custom-made soft foam cocoon.  The cocoon matches the contours of the piece at each level. Negative spaces are filled with soft fiber.

The base may be packed separately or placed under a cardboard divider at the bottom of the carton, keeping it apart from the more fragile glass pieces.

As an added protection, the carton containing the sculpture is usually placed inside a larger carton with additional padding between the two cartons.
Unpacking and Installation
For most sculptures, Vicki sends two important documents to the customer.  One provides a photo of the installed piece along with step-by-step unpacking instructions.  The second is a map illustrating where each numbered peg should be inserted into its base and the direction in which that component should face. Vicki has received numerous compliments on how easy her pieces are to install. 

Sample Installation Map

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