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Turn hot glass into cool stuff!
3333 Lake Shore Rd.
Buffalo, NY 14219
Vicki Schneider creates her collectible one-of-a-kind lampworked art by melting and manipulating solid rods of soda lime (aka "soft") glass in a propane and oxygen torch.

​Using only simple tools like tweezers and a paring knife, Vicki creates nostalgic and whimsical sculptures of human, botanical, and animal forms. Please contact Vicki for pricing, availability and custom orders.
Vicki's sculptures may appear fragile, but they have considerable strength from the way they are designed and created. Prior to packing, non-glued figures are removed from their bases and packed separately. All pieces are secured for shipment with fiberfill and custom cut foam cocoons that surround each piece and ensure their safe transit. If a piece is damaged during transit, Vicki will repair or replace it at her expense.

Glass Art by Vicki

In 2006 I fell in love. It wasn’t my normal kind of love affair. It was warm, gentle, and lasting. I felt alive and nurtured in a way I never had before. In 2006 I fell in love . . . with hot glass. 

From the first time I sat at a torch and melted rods of glass, I was enthralled with its beauty and creative possibilities. 

​In addition to being a teacher, I consider myself a "glass sculptor." My most challenging and satisfying work is manipulating molten glass into recognizable forms that elicit emotions and memories from me and the viewer.

I focus my sculptural work on:
  • "Childhood" - vignettes depicting precious moments from my (extra)ordinary youth
  • Pet Sculptures - capturing the personality and physical attributes of beloved pets in glass 

The Story Behind the Story

About the Work

Vicki was raised on the Jersey Shore. She began her flameworking training at the Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass in 2006 has been “turning hot glass into cool stuff” ever since. Vicki has studied with some of the world’s most respected instructors, including Emilio Santini, Loren Stump, Bronwen Heilman, and Wesley Fleming. 

About Vicki


Photo by Douglas Baldwin
It's Magic
"It's Magic"
"Little Mama"

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Pet portrait in glass
Pet Sculptures
Using photos as a reference, Vicki transforms solid rods of glass into approximately 1" miniature portraits of cherished pets. The completed pieces can be framed or placed on necklaces or custom driftwood stands.  Vicki has gained international recognition for the life-like quality of her work.
Dog sculpture in glass
Mama's Garden
<Click here to see more flowers from "Mama's Garden.">
Vicki was featured by Glassation.com as one of "18 Game-Changing Female Glass Artists." Her work has been featured on the cover of The Flow magazine and in eight editions of the “Annual Gallery of Women in Glass” published by The Flow magazine. Vicki has been juried into prestigious gallery exhibits throughout the United States and the UK and was awarded first place in the flameworked glass category in the Delphi Glass 2018 Online Art Glass Festival. She is a Juried Artist in the Arts & Craftsmen Guild on the historic Roycroft Campus and co-chairs their semi-annual jury process.